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Parents can get SMS alerts of arrival times, possible delays and Vehicle breakdown on their mobile.
It saves their waiting time at Pick up / Drop location.
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  • For Parents:
  • Will get SMS alert when their bus is approximately 10 minutes away from the designated stop
  • You can opt for Push or Pull location based SMS service
  • Get live updates of the bus location on Android mobiles
  • Will be alerted if there are any unusual stoppages of the bus en route to pickup / drop.
  • For Schools:
  • Web based live fleet radar interface for easy access
  • Map interface - Live tracking of School Buses and Showing live schedule variations
  • One Click info of the Driver, Bus Route, Schedule Variance
  • Live track showing slow movements and fast movements
  • Ability to store historical tracks, cross refer for analysis and set escalation rules to inform higher authorities reporting rash driving / traffic violations
  • Plan and Suggest alternative routes to save fuel
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my SafeBus brings in transparency, LIVE Image feeds from the SCHOOL BUS enables collaborative effort involving Parents, School Authorities and Law Enforcement agencies to monitor children safety and alert us in case of any suspicious behavior. Its proactive monitoring... Read more

Chairman   |   Pratham International, Bangalore


As a parent I now feel safe that my daughter is having a pleasant journey to her School and back, I'm now able to monitor her Bus trips via the Android App & SMS updates... Read more



my SafeBus implementation on our SCHOOL BUS has brought in lots of peace of mind to us. Command center support is amazing and always on the toes, they were able to identify few behavioral issues with our staff and we were able to resolve them easily with targeted training and counselling... Read more

Principal   |   Pratham International, Bangalore


my SafeBus sends out accurate and on time SMS's to parents making efficient pickup and drops. On one route we were able to cut the Trip time by 13 Minutes!!
Accelorometer reports from my SafeBus unit brings in lots of information on the children ride quality and also points to specific road stretches... Read more

Administration   |   Pratham International, Bangalore