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my SafeBus brings in transparency, LIVE Image feeds from the SCHOOL BUS enables collaborative effort involving Parents, School Authorities and Law Enforcement agencies to monitor children safety and alert us in case of any suspicious behavior. Its proactive monitoring approach stands out and we are very pleased with the product thought, engineering & performance.

Chairman   |   Pratham International, Bangalore


As a parent I now feel safe that my daughter is having a pleasant journey to her School and back, I'm now able to monitor her Bus trips via the Android App & SMS updates.



my SafeBus implementation on our SCHOOL BUS has brought in lots of peace of mind to us. Command center support is amazing and always on the toes, they were able to identify few behavioral issues with our staff and we were able to resolve them easily with targeted training and counselling.

Principal   |   Pratham International, Bangalore


my SafeBus sends out accurate and on time SMS's to parents making efficient pickup and drops. On one route we were able to cut the Trip time by 13 Minutes!!
Accelorometer reports from my SafeBus unit brings in lots of information on the children ride quality and also points to specific road stretches where driver needs to take care. We hope with regular inputs we should end up with lesser maintenance this year!!

Administration   |   Pratham International, Bangalore